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Awaji Island Area


One-Day. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge-Uzushio Watching


Points of Interest


You can enjoy fresh seafood from Seto Inland Sea all year round.

Awaji is famous for its farm produce such as Awaji-onion, and also Awaji-beef is too good to miss.

Seaweed, both fresh and dry, sells well.

Try famous Awaji-onion,too.


he biggest firework show in Hyogo area is held during Awaji Island Festival in summer


Awaji Hana-Sajikii Flower Park
Awaji Hana-Sajikii Flower Park
Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park
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Awaji Hana-Sajiki Flower Park
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Hokutan Earthquake Memorial Park

Sumoto Hot Spring Resort
Awajishima east shore


Awaji Farm Park England Hill
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Uzushio Watching(Whirling Current Watching)
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