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Kawaramachi, Nakagyoku Area


Strolling along Kamo River


Points of Interest

Along Komo River, cherry blossoms in spring, cosmoses in autumn are worth viewing. In summer, dining on the temporary terrace set up over along Kamo river is too good to miss. Enjoy some walking along Kamo River to the north. When you walk through the stream. you'll come to the quiet woods Tadasu-no- mori. and walk further down to Shimogamo -jinja Shrine.



For a break from walking, step in one of Kyoto cuisine restaurants around Shijo Bridge, Gion, Kiyamachi, and Pontocho area.

Outdoor dining in summer on the temporary terrace over Kamo River is really one of a kind.


Giontsujiri: Powdered green tea is delicately used in dessert. Phone: 075-561-2257

Kotomi: Kyoto cuisine. 10% discount on a reservation made by internet. Phone: 075-531-0323

Kisyuya: Demachiyamagi. Local Kyoto vegetable dishes and various cooked rice menu. Phone: 075-751-7765


From Shijo Bridge to Gion, streets are filled with various kinds of shops.

Demachi Shotengai(Market Place): Near Shimogamo-jinja Shrine. you can see tempting local specialties such as rice cakes, bean paste, pickled food etc.


Shimogamo-jinja Shrine: Interesting events and festivals throughout the year.

Shimogamo-jinja Shrine
Shimogamo-jinja Shrine

Gojo Bridge
Gojo-tenjin Shrine

Founded by Kobo-taishi.

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Shimogamo-jinja Shrine

World Heritage Site.
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Masterpiece of ancient structure.
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