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Nara City Area


One-Day. Kofuku-ji Temple-- Naramachi


Points of Interest

This area still remains unchanged from End of Edo era.

Strolling around this area is a great way to spend your time.

Kondo: Located in Naramachi. Tofu dishes. Phone:0742-26-4694

Hirasoh:Located in Imamikadochou. Kaki-no-ha Sushi (sushi wrapped with persimmon leaves.) Phone: 0742-22-0866

Shizuka: Near Kintetsu Nara Station. Cooked rice. Phone:0742-22-8029

Okai: Near Kintetsu Nara Station. Local cotton cloth. Phone: 0742-24-7119

Naya Kohboh: Naramachi. Ceramicware shop. Phone:0742-23-3110



Koufuku-ji Temple
Koufuku-ji Temple

Important Cultual Property.



Kasuga-taisha Shrine

Built in 768.

Famous for its bright red structure.



Todai-ji Temple Daibutstu-den

World Heritage Site.

National Tresures of Buddha statues from 7th century.

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Nara-machi Strolling

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