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Osaka Model Course


Floating Garden-Expo Park


Points of Interest

Mino Park: The Mino Falls is 30-minute walk away from Hankyu Mino Sta.

Expoland: Suita city.

The Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum: Ikeda city


Hanagoyomi: 2nd floor in Mino Kankou Hotel. Panoramic view of Osaka Plain. Delicious dishes season to season. After lunch you can take a bath in hot spring.

Momiji-no Tempra( deep-fried maple leaf) is famous local dish.

Matuda Minoyama : Potter of Momiji-yaki whose color is as red as maple leaf.


Spring: Mino Park Carnival. There is always something fun for everyone in this carnival. You may have a chance to get a present!

Summer: Summer Festa Mino Park : The whole course from Mino Station to the Mino Falls is illuminated. The scene of the illuminated falls emerged in the dark is fantastic.

Autumn: Mino Park Maple Festival: One of the most beautiful spots of turning colors. There are many events in the maple season.

Winter: Mino Park Hot Spring Festival: There are many fun activities along the way from Mino Station to the Mino Falls and around Hot Spring Resort.

For more information about events: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/


Floating Garden Observatory
Floating Garden Observatory

shin-Umeda city
(Floating Garden Observatory)
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Mino Park
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Expo Park
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