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Himeji, Ako Area


Half-Day. Oishi-jinja Shrine-Ako Hot Spring


Points of Interest

Ako-city is just one-hour drive away from both Himeji castle and donwtown Kobe.

Ako-city boasts its rich natural environment being surrounded by the sea, a clear stream, and mountains. Abundant products from the land and sea. You can enjoy fresh seafood all year around. Among many historic spots is Museum of History where you can learn about famous 47 loyal Samurai and also local salt fields.

Ako Misaki is recommended as one of 100 most beautiful sunset sites.


Spring and summer: Various kinds of fresh fish

Autumn and winter: Matsutake-mashroom, seafood such as Hamo(fish),oyster,and crab. Steamed fish and grilled seafood are worth trying.


Sankai: BBQ seafood. Phone: 0791-43-8533

Ginpasoh: BBQ seafood. Phone: 0791-42-3455

Shiosai-Ichiba: BBQ seafood: Phone: 0791-46-8601

Sakuragumi: Pasta and seafood. Phone: 0791-42-3545

Kabutozushi: Sushi. Phone: 0791-42-1617

Shushi-Man: Sushi. Phone: 0791-43-0966

Hourin-an: Buckwheat noodles. Phone: 0791-45-7275.


Tomoeya: Phone: 0791-42-2470
Ginpasoh: Phone: 0791-42-3455
Kangawa:Local confectionery. Phone: 0791-45-2222
Iwasaya: Local confectionery. Phone: 0791-45-2558
Nissei Sen-gyo: Fresh fish. Phone: 0791-42-9200
Miyazaki Shokuen: Grilled salt. Phone: 0791-42-2013
Umeda Shoten: Seafood. Phone: 0791-43-7117


Akou Misaki Sakura(Cherry Blossom) Festival: April1-10. Phone: 0791-422-2602

Shellfish gathering: April to June. Phone: 0791-46-2260

Fishing sweetfish: May to December. Phone: 0791-42-2602

Sea bathing: July to August. Phone: 0791-42-2602

Orange picking: End of October-November30. Phone: 0791-42-2651

Ako Loyal Samurai Festival: December 14. Phone: 0791-43-6839

For info. Ako Tourist Bureau 0791-42-2602


Ako Misaki National Park
Ako Misaki National Park

Ako Hot Spring
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Ako Misaki National Park
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Hyogo Prefectural Musium of History
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Salt Land
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Himeji Castle
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