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Wakayama Model Course


Vacation with Family!


Points of Interest

The most commendable route to enjoy Wakayama city area. Shirahama, and Honguu.

Wakayama city:

Kue Nabe(hot pot dish of Deep Sea Bass) is the most delicious from November to February.

[Wakayama Ramen(Noodle)]

Marusan: Phone 073-444-1971

Ide Shoten:Phone 073-424-1689

Maruki: Phone 073-447-9557

[Wakanoura Ryokan-gai(hotels and inns)]

Day-trip soak is available.

Mampa. Isaribi-no Yado Seaside Tide-watching, Futagojima-so.



Kohzushi: Sushi and other Japanese cuisine. Popular among both visitors and locals. Phone 0739-42-4027 http://www.kouzushi.net/index.html

Fusha: Fresh seafood, hot pot dishes. Enjoy Kue(Deep Sea Bass) fresh from water! Phone 0739-42-4498 http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~fusya/

BARLEY: Operated by the brewer of the local beer 'Nagisa Beer'.

Phone 0739-43-7373 http://www.nagisa.co.jp/contents/barley.html

Toretore Ichiba Market: One of the biggest seafood markets in west Japan. Fresh from water. Demonstration of cutting up tuna-fish is fun to watch. Cut pieces are sold on the spot. Other local products of Wakayama are also available here.

Phone 0739-42-1010 http://www.toretore.com/tore/



Port Europe
Port Europe

Wakayama Castle
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Port Europe ´╝╗Wakayama Marina City´╝Ż
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Shirahama Hot Spring
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Sandan-peki Cave


Adventure World
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Kushimoto Marine Park
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